Food and ethics: Leonessa’s potatoes

The production of Leonessa’s potatoes comes from the fact that we believe deeply in the possibility of doing business by combining economic objectives with social and ethical commitment.

The concept

Leonessa’s potatoes are a prime example of a simple, high-quality, and naturally grown local product native to the Rieti region, notorious throughout Italy.

The year 2016 marked a tragic event in the Leonessa area, where a devastating earthquake severely impacted production. It was in response to this adversity that HQF Agricola, an ethical and social initiative, encouraged new commercial development.

HQF Agricola was conceived with the aim of establishing a concise and sustainable supply chain, prioritising full traceability and superior quality to support local farmers and promote the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ products. Our entire product range embodies a commitment to preserving tradition and the authenticity of raw materials, and they are exclusively distributed by our parent company, HQF.

The result

The particularities of the soil, poor in oxygen and sugars but rich in vitamins and minerals, make the Leonessa potato a particularly sought-after product due to its unique properties which differentiate it from the classic tuber.

Leonessa’s potato is smaller than normal and more floury thanks to these peculiar conditions. The low presence of sugar makes it a food suitable for diabetics, athletes and those undertaking diet plans.

The main characteristic of this tuber, available in red or white-skinned varieties, lies in its exceptional palate-pleasing flavour, setting it apart as a superior choice compared to other potato types.

Tips for cooking it

Leonessa’s potatoes do not absorb excess water during cooking. Therefore, they can be steamed, boiled, used in culinary preparations in which they are the protagonists of the dish or to accompany a tasty Marango steak.

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