How Blockchain Technology is transforming the food industry

Blockchain technology fundamentally changes how we approach food, offering a more transparent, trustworthy, and sustainable food system.

Blockchain and food supply chain

Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that revolutionises the food supply chain industry by increasing food safety. The food supply chain involves producing, processing, storing, packaging, distributing, selling, and consuming food products.

Blockchain makes the supply chain more traceable, sustainable, and transparent.

With the help of blockchain, all parties involved in the supply chain can access an immutable record of the entire journey that a particular food item has taken, right from its origin to the end consumer.


Sustainability is another growing concern in the food industry. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. Blockchain helps in this area by validating the origin of production and promoting the consumption of locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. By tracking the supply chain, blockchain allows consumers to make informed choices regarding food producers’ ethics and sustainability practices.

Marango: pioneering blockchain in the Meat supply chain

Marango is a “closed supply chain” production with blockchain certification.

Blockchain technology can streamline the meat supply chain by enabling real-time information access for all participants. This allows real-time sharing of data, quick identification of potential issues, and improvement of overall meat quality.

Marango, the Italian Angus, is a product of the crossbreeding between a pure Aberdeen Angus and an Italian Maremma or Friesian. Raised in a mineral-rich environment for 6/7 months on a certified “Marango Fioc” diet, it yields exceptionally tender and well-marbled meat with increased Omega 3 and reduced Omega 6 content, thanks to HQF’s extensive research efforts.

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