The Rieti area suffered major slowdowns in production due to the 2016 earthquake. Precisely for this reason the ethical and social project of HQF Agricola was born in this area, in order to encourage new commercial development. The Leonessa potato, a simple and natural product, of the highest quality, is a typical product of the area. The goal of HQF Agricola is to promote this excellence and to commit to having it awarded the IGP certification. In 2020 we transformed this excellent product into a new, innovative product: Leonessa potato gnocchi.

“Le fritte” potato CHIPS frozen 2,5 kg

29.21£ (11.68£ /kg)

“Le fritte” potato STICKS pre-cooked and frozen 2 kg

23.37£ (11.68£ /kg)

Potatoes from Leonessa HQF 5 Kg

12.63£ (2.53£ /kg)