HQF offers a wide selection of salt and spices and oils and vinegars to combine with our excellent raw materials. The line of natural products, in oil, is prepared according to ancient traditions, without any industrial production process and without the addition of preservatives or dyes. HQF has also decided to highlight the most fragrant and precious flower in Sicily: the Pantelleria caper. Harvested and salted according to the ancient traditions of the island.

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Balsamic onions in oil “HQF Selection” 212 ml

9£ /pz

Extra virgin olive oil “Marietta”

20.42 £128.06 £

Extra virgin olive oil monocultivar “Majatica”

17.61 £97.54 £

Giant green olives in water and salt “HQF Selection” 212 ml

6.43£ /pz

Grilled eggplant in oil “HQF Selection” 212 ml

9.2£ /pz

Grilled roman artichoke in oil “HQF Selection” 212 ml

10.51£ /pz

Himalaya Pink Salt Kg 1 – Sale rosa naturale fino Himalaya

4.16£ /pz

Natural yellow datterino tomato 350 gr

2.56£ /pz

Original organic Cremona mustard with mixed fruit 240 gr

12.77£ /pz

Red Datterino tomato in water gr 350

2.94£ /pz

Red datterino tomato sauce gr 350

2.83£ /pz

Sale di Cervia – Cervia Salt 1 Kg

2.67£ /pz

Taggiasca olives with pickled stone 1 Kg

18.19£ /pz