A great novelty of High Quality Food is the production of ready meals prepared by the chefs of Gourmade Catering d’Autore. These are artisanal preparations cooked at low temperatures, which keep their organoleptic qualities and their softness intact through an optimal cooking point. The raw materials can be regenerated in a few minutes in a steam oven, in the roner or in the microwave, without any kind of waste.
How to use:
Put the still frozen tray in the microwave at 800W for 7 minutes or defrost the product in the refrigerator. Once thawed, the product can also be regenerated in a pan or pan.

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Chicken and peppers “alla romana” frozen 300 g

14.08£ /pz

Chicken curry with beaten basmati rice frozen 250 gr

11.67£ /pz

Classic lasagna “alla bolognese” frozen 250 gr

9.11£ /pz

Meat tortellini “alla boscaiola” frozen 250 gr

4.95£ /pz

Parmigiana eggplant frozen 250 gr

10.08£ /pz

Roman meatballs with pine nuts and raisins frozen 250 gr

9.05£ /pz

Side dish of chicory and spicy pomodoretti frozen 150 gr

3.68£ /pz

Tagliatelle alla amatriciana frost 250 gr

9.46£ /pz

The “vignarola” frozen 250 gr

7.36£ /pz

Tonnarelli “alla carbonara” frozen 250 gr

9.77£ /pz

Tonnarelli “cacio e pepe” cheese and pepper frozen 250 gr

5.89£ /pz