Bruno is the cheese of the Agricultural HQF Network: a dairy excellence of the Italian supply chain.
The Brown Cow has been present in Italy for 150 years and lives on the slopes of the Stura Valley. Its diet is controlled and certified with the use of selected foods and the quality of its milk is subjected to periodic analyzes. The herd selected by HQF Agricola includes 100 cows that are born and raised through a philosophy devoted to well-being. Production is closed cycle; the cheese is obtained from daily processing in copper tanks at a temperature of 55 ° C, and with the characteristic grainy structure and strong flavor. Aged for 16 months in the place of production on fine spruce boards, it is produced with 100% Italian milk from a controlled supply chain.

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Bruno cheese “Selezione HQF” 14/16 M 1 Kg

25.12£ (25.12£ /kg)