The group

HQF S.p.A. is a Group active in the production, processing and distribution of high-end food products, mainly intended for the Italian and foreign HoReCa market.

HQF has around 3,300 references, mainly marketed under the HQF brand.

HQF established the Agricultural Network in 2020: 26 selected farms that produce on behalf of HQF (according to its specifications), guaranteeing exclusivity and traceability of the products.

HQF’s sales channels are B2B and B2C:

  • 4 Area managers and 51 single-firm sales agents who oversee the entire Italian territory.
  • Foreign trading companies in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ibiza.
  • The Buongusterai e-commerce portal, on which you can purchase the entire range of products.
  • Flagship store; Butcher “butcher Marango by HQF”; Stand at the Coldiretti markets.

HQF has a distinctive competitive positioning thanks to the “Agroindustry model”. The model, based on the vertical integration system of the supply chain, is guaranteed by HQF Agricola and the Agricultural Network and allows to:

  • reduce the distribution chain that goes from production to the final customer;
  • making each phase of the value chain traceable for the consumer, through technologies, such as blockchain6

Who we are

Buongusterai is the e-commerce portal of High Quality Food, an Italian company that produces, selects, and distributes excellent ingredients and farm products to the most important chefs.

We can guarantee a perfect balance between craftsmanship and excellence, combining the artisan connotation of the products with the highest technological innovation.

For over fifteen years, we have been collaborating with the best certified food producers that we select through indispensable requirements, such as traceability of the entire supply chain, artisanal and controlled production, natural cultivation, company tradition and quality certifications.

In addition to the excellence of our ingredients and the convenience of prices, our offer is characterised by three fundamental aspects:


HQF Agricola

Our ethical and social project HQF Agricola was created to develop a short and sustainable supply chain, which is capable of ensuring maximum traceability and quality, with the ethical goal of supporting agricultural producers and spreading the ‘Made in Italy’ excellence. All HQF Agricola brand products arrive from the manufacturers directly to your table, in full compliance with food safety and health standards. We adopt natural farming methods and carry out a certified zero-residue horticultural production, to offer you only fresh and genuine products, free of chemicals, processed according to traditional methods and controlled from production to distribution.


Safety at the service of health

Our company follows very high standards of food and health safety, in line with the standards of our international clients. All our products are processed in aseptic laboratories at a controlled temperature of 5 °, in which the use of masks, gloves and protections has always been mandatory to avoid any microbial passage from the operator to the raw material. The production has international health certifications such as BRC - the specific global standard for the safety of agri-food products - as well as responding to all the parameters imposed by national and European regulations


Technology in favor of well-being

In our laboratories all raw materials are treated using the most advanced processing, transformation and food packaging technologies: thanks to the innovative heat-shrink technology, each product is protected from any external agent, keeping its organoleptic characteristics unaltered, and maintaining its integrity until consumption.
Our service is ready for those who always want quality: from breeding to processing, from selection to packaging techniques to maximum health safety protocols.
Star Michelin Chefs, luxury hotels and high-end restaurants have always been our customers, now you can be too: consult the website and order the best raw materials for an unforgettable culinary experience.