HQF Agricola has chosen to start a horticultural production of several hectares of land in the city of Rome and in the Lazio territories of Divino Amore and Fondi. Our production of vegetables and vegetables differs in the characteristics of the soil and in the management of certified zero-residue crops, without the use of pesticides and pesticides, following the rhythms of nature. Our project is based on three important principles: territoriality, seasonality and crop differentiation.

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“Le fritte” potato CHIPS frozen 2,5 kg

29.21£ (11.68£ /kg)

“Le fritte” potato STICKS pre-cooked and frozen 2 kg

23.37£ (11.68£ /kg)

Black garlic from Voghiera 100 gr

17.63£ /pz


14.17 £29.42 £

Perlage of black truffle 200 gr

48.04£ /pz

Perlage of pesto 200 gr

27.91£ /pz

Potatoes from Leonessa HQF 5 Kg

12.63£ (2.53£ /kg)