Marango, the perfect blend between Angus and Maremmana

Marango today is an optional labeling specification filed and registered with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf) in which the company’s path is told.

We immediately tried to make the most of a breed, the Maremma, native to our territory, trying to give it new life by crossing it with various bovine breeds.

The perfect blend, as is done for wine, was found between the Maremmana and Angus in which on the one hand we have enhanced the minerality of the Maremmana and the ability to live in the wild, on the other the infiltration capacity of the Angus, therefore to generate fat within the meat.

This blend, which we have called Marango, today follows an optional labeling specification and has also found its value in the fattening phase with a diet called MARANGO FIOC, prepared by Professor Tassinari of the University of Bologna.

Marango, today is a real brand that guarantees an excellent marbling level, so the meat is fat, sapid and tender at the same time.

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