These terms of use regulate access to the website https://www.buongusterai.uk (hereinafter also the “Site”) and the use of the contents and services contained therein which are the exclusive property of High Quality Food S.p.A. , with registered office in Rome, Via di Pietralata n. 179, VAT no. 08309911009 (hereinafter also “Owner” or “HQF”).

Anyone who accesses and/or uses the Site assumes the quality of User and accepts, from the moment of their first access and/or use, these conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Failure to accept these conditions does not allow further navigation or use of the contents and services of the Site.

These conditions were updated on 06/07/2023.

1. General provisions

1.1 For the purposes of these conditions of use of the website https://www.buongusterai.uk, a User means anyone who accesses and/or uses the Website, even if only to consult the information entered therein.

1.2 The use of the Site is governed by these conditions of use, the acceptance of which constitutes an agreement between the User and the Owner and is provided with the mere fact of browsing the web pages of the same.

1.3 The term Controller unequivocally indicates High Quality Food S.p.A., with registered office in Rome, Via di Pietralata n. 179, VAT no. 08309911009.

1.4 The Owner reserves the right to make even substantial changes to the Site and these conditions of use at any time, informing the User by publishing any updates and/or changes on the Site. The access of the User, following the modification, implies the complete acceptance by the User of the new conditions of use.

1.5 Additional rules and conditions may be prepared by the Owner to regulate individual services offered: the User must also comply with them to use the related services.

1.6 The law applicable to relations arising from the use of the Site and the services offered through it is the Italian one, in the light of which these conditions of use must also be interpreted.

2. Obligations of the User

2.1 Through the Website, the User can acquire information regarding the products and services offered by HQF.

2.2 The User is required to use the Site and the services offered through it in punctual and constant compliance with the law, public order and morality and with the provisions of these conditions of use.

2.3 The User has the obligation, when accessing any service on the Site, to provide correct and truthful information.

2.4 The User undertakes to respect the predefined procedures for the use of the services and not to illegally access the related IT systems. In particular, but not only, the User undertakes to:

a) not to spread computer programs or viruses, or to use methods likely to cause damage to equipment or computer systems;

b) not to use the Site for purposes other than its own;

c) not to carry out activities which, in any way, cause or are likely to cause damage or prejudice of any kind to the Site, the Owner and/or third parties.

2.5 The User undertakes not to disturb, in any way, the use of the services offered by the Site by other Users.

2.6 It is forbidden for the User to copy or otherwise learn the contents of the Site, in all its parts, for uses other than strictly personal and, in any case, for commercial uses, without prejudice to the provisions on the subject of copyright law and/or industrial law.

2.7 If the User proceeds with the use and/or publication, for example on a social network, of the contents of the Site, he assumes all responsibility that may derive from it.

3. Obligations, guarantees and disclaimers of the Owner

3.1 The Owner undertakes to provide the User with the online usability of the Site and the services offered through it, taking care of their implementation compatibly with the current state of evolution of IT tools.

3.2 The Owner assumes no responsibility for any possible interruption and/or suspension of the Website usability service due to its own and/or third party technical problems generated by factors or circumstances beyond its control.

3.3 The Owner is not responsible for any use of the Site in violation of the law, morality or public order, or in breach of the provisions of these terms of use.

3.4 The Owner does not offer any guarantee regarding the updating of the information entered on the Site or its correctness.

3.5 The Owner is not liable for any damages and/or losses and/or malfunctions and/or prejudices of any kind that may arise to the User’s computer from use of the Site, nor for any contamination of the computer system deriving from access, from the interconnection, from the download of material and computer programs from the Site.

3.6 All information and/or data contained on this Site are provided in good faith. Such information and/or data are provided without any guarantee, implicit or explicit, of any kind.

3.7 The visual representation of the products offered on the Site, where available, normally corresponds to the photographic image accompanying the description. It is understood that the image of the products themselves has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale and may not be perfectly representative of their characteristics and qualities, but may differ in color and size. In the event of a difference between the image and the written product sheet, the description given in the product sheet always prevails.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1 The Site and all its contents, such as trademarks, texts, documentation, graphics, logos, buttons and icons, images, characters, artistic work, etc., as well as all codes and format scripts used to implement it, are the exclusive property of the Owner and/or third parties and are protected by Italian law n. 633/1941, the Berne Convention and the WIPO Treaty on copyright.

4.2 The Site, in relation to the form of collection, arrangement and assembly of all its contents, is protected as a database pursuant to articles 64-quater and 64-quinquies of law n. 633/1941, as well as by the Bern Convention and the WIPO Treaty on copyright.

4.3 The User is forbidden to copy or otherwise learn, publish, disseminate, transmit or otherwise make available, even partially and/or following modifications, what is published on the Site.

5. Links to other sites

5.1 The Site may contain links to sites not managed by the Owner, for the content of which the latter cannot be held responsible.

5.2 HQF does not provide any implicit or explicit guarantee of any kind in relation to the completeness, truthfulness of the data and/or information contained therein and declines any responsibility for any damages, losses, prejudices deriving from the connection and/or use of the same.

5.3 Anyone who decides, therefore, to visit an internet site connected to the Site does so at their own risk, assuming the burden of adopting all necessary, useful and/or appropriate measures against viruses or other destructive elements.

5.4 Linking to other sites does not imply that the Owner sponsors or is affiliated with the entities that own those sites and/or that perform the services described on those sites.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

6.1 These conditions are governed by Italian law.

6.2 For any dispute concerning, deriving from or in any case connected to these conditions and/or to the use of the Site, the Court of Rome (Italy) will have exclusive jurisdiction and competence.

6.3 The Data Controller reserves the right, if it deems it necessary, to be able to take legal action before the Courts of countries or cities other than Italy or Rome to protect its interests and enforce its rights.

7. Final Provisions

The Owner reserves the unilateral right to modify, suspend and/or interrupt the Site and the services offered through it.