The HQF Agricultural Network (Rete Agricola) is the network created by HQF Agricola, which today encompasses over 2,000 hectares of production. It is a network of farms that gives the companies that are part of it the opportunity to share productions and qualitative regulations with the aim of becoming a closed supply chain company, where each ingredient produced by each company in the network has as its only customer the network itself. The ethical and social project aims to develop a short and sustainable supply chain, capable of ensuring maximum traceability and product quality.

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Bruno cheese “Selezione HQF” 14/16 M 1 Kg

25.12£ (25.12£ /kg)

Extra blackberries jam “Rete Agricola” 350 gr

8.79£ /pz

Extra figs jam “Rete Agricola” 350 gr

7.45£ /pz

Extra sour cherry jam “Rete Agricola” 350 gr

9.77£ /pz

Extra virgin olive oil “Marietta”

20.42 £128.06 £

Fresh eggs from organic farming from Livornese hens reared outdoors “Limited Edition” x 4

4.26£ /pz

Gnocchi of Leonessa potatoes frozen 1 Kg

12.62£ (12.62£ /kg)

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP “Tenuta Pontoni”

11.95 £23.90 £

Potatoes from Leonessa HQF 5 Kg

12.63£ (2.53£ /kg)

Sicilian Black Pork Salami of Nebrodi 500 gr

27.6£ (55.2£ /kg)