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Sweetie Line by HQF

The new line of artisanal sweets signed High Quality Food has arrived on Buongusterai. Thirteen single-serving sweets in which passion and refinement of raw materials are the cornerstones on which each recipe is based.

Thanks to the Blockchain technology, through a QR Code shown on the label, the story of the dessert will be visible, with a focus on the most relevant to the product. Transparency on raw materials and guarantee on the digital identity of the laboratory are two fundamental elements of this new line.

Our priority is to ensure, for all our products, a label without additives and with selected raw materials of excellent quality.

13 boxes of sweets, each containing 6 single portions. Discover the tastes!

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  2. Isabella Carsi says:

    Il mio preferito è il Godurioso…. un’esplosione di gusto!

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