HQF SHIPMENTS – Health safety in the preparation and delivery of products

The products selected by High Quality Food meet all the requirements of:

traceability of the supply chain, controlled craftsmanship, natural cultivation, consolidated tradition of the producer and quality certifications.

In our laboratories the raw materials are treated using the most advanced processing, transformation and food packaging technologies: thanks to the innovative heat-shrink technology, each product is protected from any external agent, preserving its organoleptic characteristics unaltered and maintaining its integrity up to consumption.

With the help of technology, we also preserve the integrity of the product throughout its journey: our raw materials are ready to arrive on your table in compliance with food and health safety standards, they travel at controlled temperatures to guarantee quality and integrity of the product.

All our deliveries are entrusted to specialized couriers and, above all, refrigerated to respect the cold chain.

Free shipping over 100 pounds.

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