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PANE Niko Romito – How to regenerate

High Quality Food is the exclusive distributor of Niko Romito Bread.
PANE was born in Castel di Sangro, Abruzzo, in the bakery and pastry laboratory of chef Niko Romito. A facility of 550 square meters where a team of expert bakers has developed recipes and procedures to bring BREAD, every day, in Italy and around the world.

PANE is a line of products made with raw materials of absolute excellence and the “starry” know-how of Niko Romito, designed for the

Ingredients: BREAD products are made exclusively with highly selected wheat variety flours, water and mother yeast.
Recipe: long leavening and very high hydration make the BREAD products digestible, healthy, greedy.
Production: BREAD products are baked fresh every day, chilled at -18 ° and stored: in order to keep the original organoleptic characteristics intact and can be transported anywhere using the cold chain.
Consumption: precise instructions on regeneration, cutting and serving, and a training course dedicated to project partners ensure the final consumer an excellent gastronomic experience.

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