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Gift ideas for Christmas

Panettone artigianale

A mix of tradition and innovation for Christams 2021

Christmas gifts and blockchain certified artisanal Panettone. At Christmas there is no better and more appreciated gift than an elegant box full of goodies. High Quality Food always offered our customers a starred chef selection of gastronomic excellences. We like to imagine that our baskets are not just a gift, but a gesture that make unique our time spent together with friends and relatives during the Christmas period. What’s new for Christmas 2021? The most common dessert in the holiday season: il panettone artigianale HQF!

Thanks to the use of food raw materials of the highest quality,  the HQF artisanal panettone is a combination of soft texture, elegant taste and maximum digestibility. Its special ingredient is transparency: it is the first panettone on the market to be completely traceable by Blockchain. By scanning the QR code on the label, you can access a dedicated landing page, which describes all the steps in the preparation of Panettone. Blockchain information consist of coded data that are certain, unchangeable and shareable. This guarantees absolute transparency about the used raw materials and the identity of the laboratory. A naturally leavened panettone without preservatives: a 100% handmade product. Each  panettone is carefully prepared, one by one, from the refreshing of the sourdough until the final  packaging to ensure the highest quality.

Classic, Chocolate and Pistachio. Which one would you like?

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