Marietta oil: the oil of the “Rete Agricola”

How Marietta extra virgin olive oil is born

Born from the integration of a network of agricultural enterprises that have the common goal of promoting the agri-food chain and enhancing the quality productions linked to the Italian territory.
An excellent union of refined cultivars originating from the hills of South-East Sicily, produced with ancient traditional methods that allow temperature control and traceability in every
single processing step. Fruity and balanced in flavor and aromas, Marietta oil is extracted from olives of the prevalent nocellara dell’Etna, nocellara del Belice, biancolilla and leccino varieties.

The olives are harvested by hand in the months of October and November and the fruits are taken for pressing within 24/36 hours of collection. Olio Marietta is the exclusive fruit of the blend of the cultivars outlined above, and is characterized by a sweet oil, with a fine and elegant scent, with green notes of freshly cut grass.

The characteristic of the product is represented by the blends of cultivars used for the production, as well as by the processing method, which exploits in addition to the use of two crushers (both with discs and hammers, to enhance the sweet and bitterness of the single cultivar ), an effective kneading activity, with the constant control of the temperature and of the mixing period of the oily paste.

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