The eggs of the HQF Agricola

The eggs of the Agricultural Network are the fruit of non-intensive Leghorn hens raised outdoors, which follow a correct diet and protect the surrounding environment.

The hens live outdoors, feeding on the garden dedicated to them. Depending on the season, different vegetables are planted left on the ground exclusively for feeding the hens.

This translates into a product that is not only certified and constantly monitored, but is also of superior quality because it is obtained in compliance with the natural timing of the animals and in a healthy and comfortable environment.

The eggs of our happy hens, with their freshness, are a concentrate of health, nutritious and light, easily digestible and above all safe.

The result? very delicate on the palate, they are an excellent source of proteins and essential amino acids and are rich in minerals and vitamins that promote the well-being of our body

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