The feeding of Marango: Marango Fioc

Marango is our Italian supply chain project: a zootechnical production that is the result of long research, started by HQF and located in the Norchia area, chosen because it has a natural minerality of the earth. Each animal is raised in the wild for 6/7 months and then follows the certified Marango Fioc diet for a further 10-12 months.

A diet of our property, which consists in the presence of cereals, by-products of cereal processing, by-products of oil seeds, which can be pelleted or in flour, with external corn flakes to which fodder and / or silage are added. In the last fattening-finishing phase, the diet can be supplemented with vegetable fat and flax seeds.

The diet includes the obligation to use only plant products, with the exception of breast milk during the lactation period and up to weaning. Thanks to the entry into the network of a new farm, we are able to self-produce the feed that feeds the Marango, thus becoming a closed-circuit company.

The result in organoleptic terms is a high marbling of the meat and an important cover fat to protect the flavors. The mineral taste typical of the Maremma breed and the representative sweetness of the Angus.

Discover our Marango meat: the Adult Bovine of crossbreed “Angus marezzato”

0 thoughts on “The feeding of Marango: Marango Fioc

  1. Francesca P. says:

    Ho provato il Marango ad una cena tra amici, una carne eccellente dall’ottimo compromesso qualità prezzo!!!
    Da provare… per credere!

  2. GIORGIO says:

    Per ottime grigliateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Francesco Sarti says:

    Una carne buonissima, ideale per qualsiasi tipo di cottura, soprattutto sulla griglia!

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