The Mozzarella of HQF Agricola

HQF Agricola selects a partner who, with a view to absolute quality, has decided since the beginning of its activity, to join the consortium for the protection of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO cheese, thus certifying the mozzarella with the highest recognition, foreseen by the European Union, for an agri-food product.

The porcelain white color, the smooth surface, the initially elastic consistency and later more melting, are essential characteristics of its appearance. The flavor is always decisive, but at the same time delicate.

Our milk is a strong point, as professionalism, respect for the rules and meticulous checks on the entire supply chain, allow us to guarantee the creation of a mozzarella that is perfect in taste and in its peculiar organoleptic characteristics.

Our added value? The closed supply chain!

On the farm, the approximately 1,000 head of buffalo of the Italian Mediterranean breed are fed with fodder produced exclusively on the farm land.

All guaranteed in the name of authenticity and quality: discover the Sinceramente Bufala line on Buongusterai!

0 thoughts on “The Mozzarella of HQF Agricola

  1. gioia says:

    Buonissima, un unico ingrediente fresco e genuino. Siete bravissimi, vi consiglio a tutti.

  2. Cecilia Lupi says:

    buona, fresca e certificata! una mozzarella DOP dall’ottimo compromesso qualità prezzo.

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