The very rare Mangalica (or Mangalitza)

Mangalica or Mangalitza? It’s the same! This is a very rare and old European swine breed, that is still pure nowadays.

The Mangalica woolly pigs live outdoors all year long in large spaces in the rural estate of Villa Caviciana farm nearby Viterbo. Free range farming is key for Mangalica pigs as they mainly eat truffles, acorns and hazelnuts. Sheep-pigs are a typical lard-producing breed, renowned for the great marbling  and a thick layer of shiny white fat that makes the meat very tasty.

The meat, indeed, can  be wrongly associated to Pata Negra for taste and texture.  Fat contains a high percentage of Omega-3 and a low percentage of cholesterol. For this reason, Mangalitza is suitable for a healthy diet

Have you ever tried this yummy meat?

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