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The harvest and evolution of Leonessa potatoes


38.000 KG SOLD

Many of you supported the ethical and social project of HQF Agricola, regarding the cultivation of Leonessa Potatoes and for this we are here to thank you.

The particularities of the soil, poor in oxygen and sugar but rich in vitamins and minerals, make the Leonessa potato a particularly sought-after product due to its unique properties that differentiate it from the classic tuber.

The low presence of sugar makes it a food suitable for diabetics, athletes and for those who undertake dietary paths. The main characteristic of this tuber is that it is tastier on the palate than the other varieties

The next harvest? After summer!

– Stay tuned – 


The Chefs of Gourmade, create a new, innovative, artisanal product for HQF Agricola: Leonessa potato gnocchi are born, made with simple, genuine and 100% natural ingredients.

While waiting for the next harvest, try Leonessa’s potato gnocchi, the result is amazing!

0 thoughts on “The harvest and evolution of Leonessa potatoes

  1. Maria says:

    Li ho provati! Sono davvero eccezionali. Incredibile come un prodotto così particolare come la Patata di Leonessa, venga trasformato così bene! Complimenti agli chef 🙂

  2. MARTA says:

    I miei genitori sono di Leonessa, quindi conosco molto bene questo prodotto. Complimenti ad HQF per averlo valorizzato e per il continuo impegno in progetti etici dal forte valore sociale. Questi si che sono degli ottimi acquisti, sostenibili!

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