The bacon of HQF Agricola

Today is Carbonara Day and we want to celebrate it by presenting one of the iconic ingredients for the creation of the most famous Italian recipe in the world, our bacon: aged 60 days and coming from our agricultural supply chain, with its strong and unmistakable will give character and personality to your carbonara.

A bacon produced and seasoned in full respect of the tradition and gastronomic culture of the Umbrian land, a generous land rich in unique flavors.

The pork comes exclusively from the Umbria pig and the entire production process, from the cultivation of cereals, to breeding and processing, is subject to 3APT certification.

A supply chain that certifies the origin of the meat used for its products and is able to follow all the stages of growth of the pigs: from birth to the transformation of the finished product.

What are you waiting for? Discover the bacon and prepare your carbonara!

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