The advantages of “Skin packaging”

How can food be preserved longer, while maintaining the flavor and their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics?

Today we tell you about “Skin packaging“: a new, innovative method of packaging food products.

It is a technique based on the application of a heat-shrinkable plastic film in contact with the product and with the base on which it is placed, to ensure the hermetic closure of the package.

The film remains perfectly adherent to the food, in fact remaining stationary on the tray, without releasing moisture or water during its life cycle. It is an optimal packaging method for meat and fish based foods.

The result is a “second skin” effect in a single three-dimensional package, where you can see all the parts of the packaged product.

With these innovative technologies, numerous sustainability advantages are obtained:

  • Attractive presentation and maximum durability
  • Reduction of the material used
  • Optimization of transport costs
  • Easy opening of the package
  • Considerably prolonged storage times
  • Optimal packaging results
  • Optimal product quality

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