New agricultural products: Cheeses

High Quality Agricultural Food cheeses are the result of an ethical agro-industry project, created to develop a short and sustainable supply chain. The protagonists of this article are the chosen aged Parmigiano Reggiano (24 months) “Montagna” and Bruno “Selezione HQF”.

HQF selects a mountain product Parmigiano Reggiano. Its secret derives from the territory of origin (between Modena and Bologna) which, through the quality of the fodder it produces, plays a very important role, the result of the integration of environmental peculiarities, characteristics of milk and cheese making techniques. Product that offers all the richness of the nutritional elements contained in raw milk, not subjected to heat treatments of refrigeration or pasteurization, and without the addition of preservatives or additives.

The cheese is subjected to salting for about 20 days, thanks to which it reaches its balance of flavor and shelf life and is finally ready for long aging. In the delicate and complex process of transformation, the five senses of the cheesemaker are the secret ingredient to make milk the king of cheeses. Another novelty of HQF Agricola is the “Selezione HQF” brown cheese.

The selected breeding includes 100 cows that are born and raised through a philosophy of life devoted to well-being. The Brown Alpine Cow has been present in Italy for 150 years and its habitat is the impervious high mountain pastures, exactly living on the slopes of the Stura Valley. Its diet is controlled and certified with the use of selected foods and the quality of its milk is subjected to periodic analyzes.

Production is closed cycle; the cheese is obtained from daily processing in copper tanks at a temperature of 55 ° C, and with the characteristic grainy structure and strong flavor. It is aged for 16 months in the place of production on fine spruce boards and produced with 100% Italian milk from a controlled and certified supply chain.

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