HQF Store, the first retail shop of High Quality Food

Since its creation in 2003, High Quality Food S.p.A has been active in the selection, production, transformation and distribution of food products of the highest quality in the Ho.Re.Ca market in Italy and abroad.  In 2013 the company started a process of international expansion which led to the establishment of  4 branches worldwide, in addition to the headquarters in Italy: Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Ibiza.

In 2021, HQF broadened its commercial offer and diversified its target clients, by addressing  the B2C segment and working on the concept of HQF flagship stores.

HQF Store is the first retail shop of  High Quality Food, located in Rome, Via Ignazio Giorgi 35-37, a new concept idea aimed to spread the excellence of food raw materials among consumers. A modern and essential interior design combines artisanal productions, sustainability and tradition.

It is a taste boutique, where passionate gourmand and informed consumers can enjoy taste and flavors experiences. Food excellence, experience service innovation, sustainability and health are the key features.  Not only a shop, but also a kitchen. Customers can try a wide range of recipes created by our Chefs.

We are open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 21.00.

Come visit us, we’ll wait for you!

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