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‘Nduja in natural casing “Orbetta” 400 gr

7.36£ (18.4£ /kg)

“Le fritte” potato CHIPS frozen 2,5 kg

29.21£ (11.68£ /kg)

“Le fritte” potato STICKS pre-cooked and frozen 2 kg

23.37£ (11.68£ /kg)

“Marango” bresaola – 250 gr

13.08£ (52.33£ /kg)

“Marango” burger

6.41 £32.03 £

“Marango” cuberoll 300 gr

18.3£ (61£ /kg)

“Marango” entrecote 300 gr

17.1£ (57£ /kg)

“Marango” fillet 250 gr

22.06£ (88.25£ /kg)
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