DelMago Drinks by Marcello Trenitni

News at HQF: the drinks signed by the starred chef Marcello Trentini have arrived!

A great cocktail is nothing more than the liquid version of a gourmet dish

These are the words of the Chef, known by the staff as “Il Mago”, who inaugurated the new line of absolute spirits and haute cuisine cocktails with a brand entirely Made in Piedmont “DelMago Drinks”.

ABSOLUTE SPIRITS: Red Vermouth and Gin

The two products at the base of many cocktails that bars all over the world mix to create great classics and variations.

“READY TO DRINK” COCKTAIL: Negroni, Mi-To, Vesper and Boulevardier

Pre-mixed, ready to drink, and easy to serve: just pour 100ml into a tumbler filled with ice and garnish with a slice of orange.

The strong point? No commercial products from other brands are used in the mixing: DelMago Drinks cocktails have a highly artisan imprint and are created exclusively with DelMago proprietary ingredients!

  • 100% Made in Piedmont
  • Very high quality of the ingredients
  • Look of great impact, fresh and ironic

Click the link and discover the two lines of DelMago Drinks products available on Buongusterai!

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