What is Marango ?

The Marango,

the Angus of the Italian supply chain comes from a cross between a pure Angus Aberdeen and a Maremmana.

It is an exclusively HQF product. The breeding. Marango is the Italian supply chain project born from the cross between a pure Black Angus and Friesian and Maremma mares. The animals are raised in the wild on our estate in the splendid geographical context of the archaeological site of Norchia, in the province of Viterbo. The feeding card provides at an initial stage only breast milk for about 6 months, followed by a diet called Marango Fioc, carefully designed to increase the level of Omega3 and lower that of Omega6.

Thanks to this type of feeding, the Marango reaches an optimal level of moire. The meat is fatty, savory and tender at the same time. Technological innovation. In terms of upgrading the Marango project, HQF wanted to obtain a meat that was totally fattened with Italian raw materials and was extremely tender. All while continuing to study how to get a higher level of Omega 3 in meat. To achieve our goals we have relied on genetics and technology, while maintaining the artisan connotation of the products. We have purchased an American machine for our breeding that, through a real ultrasound scan, checks the level of internal and external fat and the compactness of the fibers of the babies in the mothers’ belly.We have only purchased bulls with an IMF (intramuscular fat) level close to 10. This is to ensure that the Marangos achieve the desired marbling and tenderness parameters.Discover the whole line of Marango products!

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