Bresaola? Yes but of Marango!

our Adult Cattle of “Angus Marezzato” crossbreeding.

A new product was born on the HQF Agricola estate, made with 100% Marango meat. Marango is our Italian supply chain project, born from the cross between a pure Black Angus and Friesian and Maremma mares.

Bresaola, in general, is a very particular cured meat, appreciated for its characteristics that make it unique. Unlike other cold cuts, it is in fact a low-fat and high-protein product.

The distinctive feature of the Marango bresaola, on the other hand, is the excellent marbling level, so the meat is greasy, savory and tender at the same time.

The result? A certified bresaola from the supply chain:

good, light and original, which always leaves the desire to eat another slice!

Try it on Buongusterai, the HQF e-commerce portal!

0 thoughts on “Bresaola? Yes but of Marango!

  1. Stefy says:

    Ideale per un piatto veloce, con un goccio di olio evo e qualche scaglia di formaggio (io l’ho provata con Bruno selezione hqf). Buonissima e soprattutto DI FILIERA CONTROLLATA !

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